About Us

Why we love to be different!

You probably already feel the groove at Vocal Media, we love what we do and we take great pride in our production work, we specialise in carefully researching your corporate personality enabling us to intuitively create sparkling audio productions in our unique and very successful way, transforming your caller experience, sparking warm conversations and generating genuine interest.

We are all experienced producers and voice professionals from broadcast media and also have over 20 years specialist telephony expertise in house which means our productions are algorithmically optimised for your specific telephone system...in other words, they sound fabulous!

Our production team also create radio documentaries, audio books, online and radio advertising, training and corporate presentations, even conference introductions...if you need professional audio of any type, we are here for you.

We are a collective of BBC professional freelance broadcasters and continue to serve the BBC as well as clients including ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 to name but a few, individually renowned for our award winning production skills and voice talent, we have a great passion and pride in delivering the very best...we also believe in having fun along the way too!

Our Synergy package is specifically designed to tick every box, we lead the way in producing broadcast quality telephony productions for small, medium and large enterprises which are super easy to arrange with content that really works for your business and your customers, delivering the highest quality bespoke productions with you at centre stage.

We build lasting relationships with our clients, we’ll look after you no matter what because we know you care and so do we.