Audio Mixer

Mix great music and vocal styles

Welcome to our interactive audio mixer, loaded up with a great selection of our ‘Feel Good’ music library and our own voice artists demonstrating different vocal delivery styles.

Our fab production team deliver recordings to create a welcoming and interesting environment for callers to your business, creating warm conversations and real opportunities.

Simply move your mouse over the mixer to scroll up and down then click to play the required music or voice track to get a feel for which combination you'd like in your production....

Remember to consider your On hold & Transfer recording, Auto-attendant greetings, Out of hours greetings and Contact centre queue messages in order to create that wonderful professional continuity whenever your callers connect.

Hear it, feel it, love it...

When ordering, just roughly write down the messages you would like for your first On hold & Transfer file production and any greetings, our scriptwriters will make them sparkle and we’ll send them for your approval.

Transform your caller experience with our great value audio solutions!