Audio Mixer

Mix great music and vocal styles

Welcome to our interactive audio mixer, loaded up with a great selection of our ‘Feel Good’ music library and our own voice artists demonstrating different vocal delivery styles.

With our unique production approach we deliver everything your business and your callers deserve, a welcoming, pleasant and interesting environment which starts warm conversations and delivers real opportunities.

Try changing our music and voice styles to get a feel for which combination you like best...but don't worry if you're not sure what to select as we are experts in producing your audio to faithfully represent your organisation and transform your caller experience.

We’ll record and produce all of the files used by your telephone system including the main file heard during Enquiry hold & Call Transfers, Auto-attendant greetings, Information & Out of Hours greetings and Contact Centre Queue messages, all delivered in one great voice for an amazing professional continuity whenever your callers connect.

Hear it, feel it and love it...

Just roughly write down the areas of interest you would like to profile for your first Enquiry hold & Transfer file production and any greetings, our scriptwriters will make them sparkle and we’ll send them for your approval. If you prefer we will write a full script based on your website and corporate material!

Then simply visit PIP below, our easy Production Information Portal or contact your telephony partner with your requirement.

Transform your caller experience with our great value audio solutions!